A site dedicated to scuba diving off Mactan Island, Philippines

Up, up and away…


I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to go parasailing.  I’ve never been one for heights so being strapped into a parachute then going a few hundred meters into the air while being pulled by a boat wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time.  It took a little convincing by the other Scotty’s employees going but I finally relented when one guy’s partner failed to show up.  It also didn’t help that we were last to go and so were able to see just how high up we’d be from the boat deck!

Once our time came, and after we listened to the safety briefing, a few butterflies were still flying around my tummy as they strapped us in.  As the line was being let out I realized that it wasn’t nearly as harrowing of an experience as I was expecting.  We slowly started to drift up and I soon saw what the big deal was, it was quite exhilarating and the view from up there is spectacular.  We could see all the outer islands around Mactan and over to Cebu City.  From up there the water and the reefs look amazing. It’s an experience I would highly recommend to anyone, even those who aren’t particularly keen on heights.


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